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hangsen 2Smooth Vape is a fresh, current and fast growing E-cigarette & E-juice liquid UK supplier, based in the Manchester area. We have quickly established ourselves as a very reliable & reputable UK company, currently supplying both the wholesale and retail sectors all over the UK.

Welcome to our e-liquid product section. Here you will find the information you’ll need to choose the right e-liquid for you.


Here at Smooth Vape we offer one of the widest choice of original Hangsen e-juices to suit all tastes, From classic tobacco flavours to mouth watering fruits.

All our juices contain 50% extra flavour concentrate guaranteed,and all our bottles come with easy fill metal needle bottles as standard.

Please be aware when purchasing e-juice from some other internet sellers, as it is common for fake branded Hangsen juices to be manufactured and bottled in both China  and the UK and sold on as the real thing, not only will you get a watered down flavour, your health could also be at risk.

Smooth Vape never buy from a third party, and insist on buying Direct from the Hangsen Factory, where all juices are packed in a sterile dust free state of the art laboratory, using the latest multi million pound computerised machinery,all bottles are stamped with date of production and expiry and shrinked wrapped, so you can be sure you are the first person to open the bottle, and you can also be sure of a 100% original fresh bottle of the finest juice available at a very competitive price.

Free UK posting on all our products..The price you see is the price you pay,no hidden extras guaranteed.

For more information please leave details on our contact us page .All queries responded to within 24 hours – 7 days a week.

Great products and great value prices

We range lots of different products from kits to atomisers to liquids all at great prices. We also are branching in to mobile phone and tablet accessories.Free delivery to any uk distination

Our Liquid Range

hangsensliderOur Liquid Range are the best E liquids available in 0 mg 12 mg 18mg and 24mg. Our suppliers are Hangsen factory direct from china.

Welcome to our e-juice & e-liquid products section. Here you will find the information you’ll need to choose the right e-liquid for you. At Smooth Vape we have built a range of e-liquid products that provide for all our customers’ needs; from the most experienced users who mix their own unique flavours and strengths, to a new user who simply wants “the fluid that was in my kit”. We believe we have the variety of fluids to suit all tastes and pockets.

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